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  • Keep your site up to date with current information
  • Save time and money by easily updating your website yourself, no more paying and waiting for someone else to do it for you
  • Run special promotions
  • Create special content available to selected customers
  • Build loyalty and trust with returning visitors
  • Increase your ratio of returning visitors
  • Take immediate advantage of all opportunities, the moment they are identified
  • Build trust and overt disaster by responding to time-critical events via your website
  • Real World Examples

    The Navarra group, Curzon Hall ( Le Montage ( frequently update all their venue images, site menu structure and seasonal promotions - their websites have significantly increased booking rates and promotion sell through without any additional advertising.

    Maurie and Eve ( are able to update their product collections and press images at the moment they are ready, critical to their industry, everyone minute counts with their updatable website consistently providing returns over its 3 ½ year longevity.

    The Ai Content Management System


    In the end your website is only as good as its content and as your business evolves so must your website. How do you feel when you visit an outdated website with outdated information? Like the business is stale, an online "ghost town"? Is that the impression you want to make on prospective customers?

    Our content management system gives you more power and flexibility than any other. With a user-friendly simplicity we go beyond the basic requirements to deliver the following features to every customer...

  • Change all text
  • Change all images, with SEO descriptions
  • Add images to all slide shows and galleries
  • All images automatically resized to fit their destination
  • Choose ANY font and know it will work with every visitor
  • Expand your menu structure and its content
  • Re-arrange and re-order your menu and its content
  • Add products / items and change their info
  • Add and update email forms, with auto reply content
  • Change your site's color theme
  • Control each page title and directory structure
  • Control each page meta keywords and meta description
  • Change your site's sound theme, including background music
  • Benefits

    Real World Example