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  • Increase your return on marketing and advertising investment
  • Know when there's a critical content issue and create it immediately
  • Identify and highlight your strengths
  • Identify and minimize your weaknesses
  • Engage your opportunities and see their results
  • The navarra group, maurie and eve, stadium events, the tea rooms, sergeants mess and many others consistently refine their site structure and content, advertising strategy and budget as reflected by their core statistics including unique visitors, new visitors and their average time on site.



    Evolution through education


    The importance of collecting accurate useable data from your website visitors can not be overstated. it's the critical input you need to monitor your brand's customer experience and your customer proposition.

    By integrating one of the world's leading website statistics systems, Google Analytics, with our highly interactive designs, we deliver solutions that maintain the visitor's attention and encouages them to investigate further... and provide the hard data to prove it...

    Our approach allows a full understanding your customers profile, behaviours and critical buying criteria... see the unseen habits!

  • Engage the full power of google analytics
  • Accurately gauge the effectiveness of your marketing and advertising efforts
  • Know where your visitors are coming from, geographically and electronically
  • Know which pages your visitors find the most interesting
  • Know the technical details of your visitors software and hardware
  • Know how long your visitors stay on each page and your site overall
  • Know the pages your visitors are using to enter and exit your website
  • Cross reference infinite data characteristics for deeply revealing statistical analysis
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