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  • Save time and money by managing email campaigns in house
  • Build your own solicted customer database
  • Build customer loyalty
  • Maintain brand awareness
  • Increase return website visitors
  • Improve customer service
  • Reach more customer with less resources in less time
  • Reduce dependence on expensive advertising
  • Produce greater sales outcomes with less and less investment over time
  • Ozsports ( quickly and efficiently built there email database from existing customers and sports events, completely replacing the need for any advertising. There business and many others have found mass email absolutely critical to their successful operation, saving enormous amounts of time and money, delivering improved service to more customers with ease.

    Mass Email


    There is no more cost effective, strategically targeted, personal and immediate distribution channel as mass email. Every customer interested in your product or service, from which you have not collected an email address, is an opportunity wasted!

    The quality and quantity of your customer database should be a priority in all advertising and promotional initiatives. With this long term awareness no immediate attention is under utilised, producing ever greater sales outcomes with less and less investment over time.

    Our mass emailing software is feature rich, scalable, user-friendly and tightly integrated into your website and content management system.

  • Integrated with your website and the Ai content management system
  • Create your own campaigns
  • Edit your emails from custom built starting templates
  • Automatic online version for text only or high security email clients
  • Viewer statistics for views inside the email client and via the online link
  • Add links to your emails and get statistics on recipient click volumes
  • Dynamically insert the recipient's personalised information
  • Schedule mass emails for sending at a later date
  • Filter recipients based on all collected criteria
  • Automatic text-only and online versions
  • Add / Remove / Update members in bulk
  • Import and export members using Microsoft Excel
  • Create user groups for extra levels of customer targeting
  • Benefits

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